Control4 system

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Control4 system

Update: Control4 has been improved greatly over the last few months thanks to the awesome new Neeo Remote and revamped integrations with voice assistants. As such, we've revisited and updated this review, which originally went live in September. Read on to find out how the improvements affect the overall feel of Control4. Chances are you've experienced a Control4 system somewhere, but you may not have even realised it was there.

The Salt Lake City-based company, which has been in the home automation game since the early s, doesn't have its products sitting alongside other smart home brands in Best Buy or Target, and you certainly won't find them on sale on Amazon. Instead, Control4 specialises in bespoke connected systems for houses, hotels, business premises, and more, with only authorised dealers able to install and configure the setups. It's a high-end offering that, granted, costs a lot, lot, LOT more than kitting your house out with do-it-yourself smart home devices powered by the likes of Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings or HomeKit.

But at the same time, Control4 offers reassurance to its customers that they're getting a best-in-class system, with a support network in place for any issues or alterations. A Control4 system can be configured to control lighting, multi-room audio, HVAC systems, security systems, smart locks, and more.

It uses the likes of ZigbeeZ-WaveWi-Fi, and Bluetooth and is compatible with over 35, devices from a huge collection of brands. Guide: The best hubs for your smart home. Over the last six months I've been living with a Control4 system in my house and, while I'm not necessarily the exact target audience for the brand, my experience of living with pretty much every smart home ecosystem out there - alongside hundreds of different devices - over the past few years, gives me a unique perspective to compare and contrast a high-end, bespoke, custom-installed setup and a DIY, 'regular', off-the-shelf smart home setup.

A review of a Control4 system is an incredibly difficult thing to do because no two systems will be the same. However, the one essential ingredient of any Control4 setup is the controller; the brains of the operation, which connects to your home network and, in turn, hooks up to any compatible devices.

My controller, the EA-3, is bang in the middle of the Control4 controller hierarchy. It's essentially a little black set-top box, which is powered by Power over Ethernet PoE and features three audio outputs - HDMI, stereo analogue, and digital coax. It's capable of distributing up to three simultaneous, high-resolution audio streams. It's the EA-3 that makes everything I'm going to talk about in this review work. The streams, the integrations, the remote control, the speakers Which brings me to the speakers.

I already lived in a house with multi-room audio thanks to an array of Sonos speakers and, while Control4's audio setup syncs quite nicely with that more on that in a bitI've now got two dedicated Control4 audio zones - in my living room and my garden.

These are Triad systems an audio company Control4 acquired in There are a vast amount of audio and video configurations on offer with Triad, from one-zone systems designed to sit under your TV, to hugely powerful matrix systems that can live in a rack and power the audio and video for huge mansions with hundreds of rooms.

My first Triad setup is that soundbar mentioned, which works as a 2. Finally, there's a Pakedge another Control4 acquisition, purchased in home network, featuring a plethora of access points, network switches, a router, and more. You'll have to pay for various subscriptions, service agreements, and the dealer installation on top of that. Plus, if you want changes made in the future you'll be forking out a fair bit too - again, more on that later.

Control4 is anything but plug and play. You'll have to locate an authorised Control4 dealer and then arrange for them to help create and install your system for you. Control4 recommends getting a few quotes from a range of different dealers and its Product Planner portal helps you get started.

You answer a series of questions and are emailed suggested equipment lists and setup ideas. Your dealer isn't just there to install the hardware, though. They will configure everything on your system, from the software to make attached devices compatible, to specific device settings and scenes. New Wave was is awesome.Alarm Systems. Home Security Systems. Identity Theft.

Internet Filters. Medical Alert Systems.


Survival Gear. Wireless Security Systems. Auto Loans. Christmas Cards. Credit Counseling. DUI Lawyers. Fruit Clubs. Home Brew Beer Supplies. Homeschool Supplies. Music Publishing. Senior Care. Control 4. Smart Home. ADT Pulse. The Home Automation Store. Home Automation Do's and Don'ts. How Expensive is Home Automation? What Can Home Automation Do? What's New in Home Automation?

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Learn more. Millions of Americans are enjoying the confidence, control, and convenience that home automation brings. You have a large variety of home automation options available to you. You can scan your property with video cameras, lock or unlock the doors, and turn on or off the lights from anywhere in the world.

With some systems you can also control the temperature in your house, play music in selected rooms, and more. Continue reading below reviews. Visit Site.I think it's fair to say that the two biggest players right now in the world of custom home automation are Crestron and Control4. While Crestron still caters primarily to a high-end clientele, Control4 can be more of an everyman's solution. That's not to say that the company's products are cheap or that you can't assemble a super-high-end, highly complex whole-house control system based on the Control4 platform.

It's just that, for those people with more modest needs and budgets, Control4 can certainly accommodate. The HC is designed primarily to be a single-room solution that, when combined with a handheld remote like Control4's SR, is the perfect replacement for a universal remote control but, as you'll soon see, this Control4 system brings a lot more to the table than just AV control. The HC has a 1GHz processor, which is much more powerful than previous entry-level Control4 controllers and thus allows for faster, more robust operation.

The small black box measures just 8. The backside includes four IR outputs to control your AV gear using IR emitter cables; each IR output can accommodate two devices with the use of a splitter, so you can connect up to eight components.

Two of the IR ports also support RS serial control, and one contact and relay switch is available. There's also an analog audio mini-jack input and output, a USB 2. The box also has integrated Control4 sent along the SR handheld remote to use as my system controller. This traditional handheld remote measures 2. The bottom half is thicker and heavier than the top, which keeps the remote feeling well-balanced in my hand.

The backside has a textured, rubber feel that also makes it feel secure. The remote puts a lot of black buttons on a black background, but it is fully backlit, with an adjustable brightness control and a motion sensor to automatically illuminate when you pick it up. At the top is a five-line display that allows you to easily navigate the system menus when your TV is off and you can't see the onscreen interface, such as when you only want to listen to an audio source.

Below that, you'll find buttons to navigate the onscreen interface, which I'll describe in more detail in the Performance section.

These controls include the red "4" button that can turn on the entire AV system a Room Off button that sits in the top right corner performs the reverse task and the Watch and Listen buttons that let you navigate the various sources you've connected to the HC The SR has a total of 47 hard buttons.

Of course, the company also offers an assortment of portable and in-wall touchpad controllers at higher price points.

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The Control4 platform allows devices to communicate with each other via Internet Protocol or the wireless ZigBee radio-frequency communication protocol. The HC and SR communicate using ZigBee and thus don't require line of sight, so you can tuck away the control box and initiate commands from another room. You also can easily incorporate a variety of compatible wireless automation products, be they Control4-branded or through third-party partners. Control4 sent me just a sampling of Control4-branded products to get a feel for the automation part of the equation, including a wireless thermostat and several lighting products that I'll discuss in the Hookup section.

The ZigBee protocol creates a mesh network, which means that each wireless device serves as both a transmitter and receiver. The more devices you add, the more robust the wireless network becomes, which makes it easy to expand your Control4 system as your budget allows.Advanced Search Search Tips. Control4 is the ultimate in home automation solutions. Using Control4 seamlessly ties all your electronic components and home systems together, including lighting, music, video, climate control, and security.

Read on to learn more about the wide range of solutions Control4 has to offer and the services we have to provide for all your home automation needs. Essentially if you can dream it, we can build it and you can enjoy it. Learn how the Control4 Wireless Music Bridge connects your phone, tablet or computer to your Control4 system using various technology and the basics of how it works.

Get a better understanding of what home control is, how easy it is to use, and the endless possibilities available with this video overview of Control4 Home Automation.

control4 system

Control4 gives you the freedom to control almost everything in your home with one easy to use system, guaranteed to simplify your life and make your home more enjoyable.

For starters, having a home automation system saves time by automating the tasks you do every day, so you spend less time on redundant tasks around the house and more time doing the things you want to do. Not only does the concept make sense, but the technology does to. Control4 is extremely user-friendly and accommodating to a wide variety of individual needs.

Control4 Pricing – What will drive the price up or down

The simplicity of home automation is further enhanced with the versatility of the remote control options. Having total control at your fingertips has never been so enticing. The hub of every Control4 system is the controller that runs the operating system and virtually automates every function in your home including your home theater, lighting, music, security system, appliances and more.

The Control4 user interface is extremely easy to use thanks to its intuitive design, and it looks and functions the same on every device. Choose a remote that works best for you in places like the family room and control your entire house from your tv, or opt for a sleek in-wall touch screen in your kitchen that makes it easy to monitor things from there. For the ultimate remote control, use the MyHome app on your iPhone, iPad, Android tablet or PC and control everything whenever and wherever convenient.

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Like the convenience of having a hot pot of coffee ready first thing in the morning, Control4 brings your home to life right on queue. As you head out for the day you save valuable time turning off all the lights, music and electronics with the press of a button.

Set a temporary entry code on your door for them to use and receive alerts when they get there and when they leave the house. After a long day, welcome back to home sweet home.Nevertheless, this article will hopefully demystify the pricing structure for you.

The first important thing to understand is that any quote you receive will include both the equipment and the labor. Control4 requires each piece of their equipment to be registered with the authorized dealer who will install it. The goal here is to prevent unreliable grey-market installs from tainting the Control4 brand. The brains of your home automation system will be a Home Controller, and every system needs one. The two choices are the HC and the HC The is cheaper and works for a one-room solution.

This is the most expensive interface option. Alternatively you can use your existing tablet or mobile device and use the Control4 app — cheaper but still not free because you need to purchase a license. Then there are the traditional looking remotes from Control4, the SR and SR, which can navigate the same interface displayed on your TV. More than 8 audio sources requires another box called an Audio Matrix Switch. The speakers need to be hard wired and therefore tend to be in-wall or in-ceiling.

What is Control4: A complete guide to high-end smart home automation

Lighting control comes in either an outlet dimmer for plugging in a lamp for exampleor a variety of dimmers and switches that would replace your existing light switches. Fewer buttons equals less cost, but buttons can be programmed to create useful scenes that involve more than just lighting.

Certain smart locks and motorized shade brands Mechoshade and Somfy are compatible with Control4. Control4 also makes their own video intercom which interfaces with their camera touch screens. A serious system will be rack-mounted, which comes with the addition cost of the rack, a UPS, and depending on location a cooling solution. Most everything else is dependent on your unique needs and the hurdles of your specific space. Is it possible to get indicative prices for a control a4 hc processor and an a4 8 zone stereo amplifier.

I already have prices from a local supplier who I am wanting to proceed with but I would feel more comfortable with a price check. Its the modern way! Would appreciate your comment. Stephen Clarke. I had a control 4 system put in our intire house during construction by a local rep in Charlotte NC. The good news did not need the same output watage to power the speekers as the old watt one. I think I also had to get a new Apple TV the old one was not 4K still used the old one just not where highr res was needed.

Palmentoaudo did the install and did a great job I would highly recommend them in this area. The builder of our home contact your company in about putting in a control 4 Device which use to control everything in the media room.

It is no longer working. The control box use to light up it is no longer lighting up. I use to be able to turn the lights on and off in the media room, but no longer able to do so. Hi Henry. Sorry to hear your system is having trouble.

Could you give us a call or shoot us an email?Control4 offers a solid selection of hardware and software, and is a top choice among residential home automation installers.

Control4 Home is one of the best home automation systems because it's easy for dealers to plan systems for almost any home, and has a wide range of smart product integrations and features. The company has excellent customer service and educational resources to help you choose the features you really need for your home.

Its systems are compatible with smart security equipment, such as security cameras and door sensors, and with a range of voice assistants such as Alexa, a voice service found on many of the best smart speakers.

Control system

Control4 has a unified software interface that makes it easy to control the devices in your home, and is available as both a bespoke controller and an app, which is compatible with all the best smartphones. Control4 does a very good job communicating with its customers. You can find quite a few customer education resources on the Control4 website, and you can chat to advisors online and via email.

Among the free educational materials on the website, the most notable are the idea gallery, project planner and videos.

control4 system

The idea gallery showcases a wide variety of customers and how they chose to automate their homes; some examples include small homes, RVs and businesses. Control4 offers better after-purchase support than a majority of home control providers. Instead of just having a page listing its email address and phone number, the company has extensive resources online to help you learn how to use your system, including guides, tutorials and videos.

Control4 systems have a two-year warranty, which is shorter than those of some other systems, but average when compared to the industry as a whole. Hundreds of hardware partners make it easy to customize a Control4 home control system to fit your needs, and only Crestron is compatible with more products. In addition to general support for hundreds of products, the company also has certified partners whose equipment strongly integrates with the home automation system. Control4 is big on giving you complete control of your home entertainment too, so you can add TVs, sound systems and most of the common softwares and apps that they use.

This isn't just about security or ease of use: Control4 can actually help you set the mood with lighting take a look at our guide to the best smart light bulbsand sound set-up, for ideal viewing and listening experiences throughout the home.

Control4 NEEO Series controllers are the brains of the system and are also capable home theater controllers by themselves. Every piece of Control4 equipment comes ready to install, so your dealer can add to the system over time without the need to rebuild it from the ground up. This modularity is one of the best things about this home automation system and makes it popular among dealers. All Control4 dealers are trained by the company and certified to install its home automation systems.

The company offers a comprehensive set of tools to help its dealers operate to a high standard of quality. This system is compatible with over two dozen security brands, and many of these brands are compatible with the best home security systems. This gives your home a lived-in look that can deter potential burglars.

Control4 is also compatible with a variety of environmental hazard sensors such as smoke detectors. Using the best home management systems, you can control your smart home with a mobile app and touchscreen controllers. Control4 is one of few smart home systems that has a mobile app with a user interface that is very similar to that on its touchscreen controllers.

Control4 is one of the top home automation systems for residential use. Among its best features are modular installation, a large network of hardware partners, and a unified touchscreen interface. Home Reviews.

Our Verdict Control4 offers a solid selection of hardware and software, and is a top choice among residential home automation installers. For Modular system Easy to install Loads of smart home compatibility.

Against Shorter warranty than some. Control4 Home Control review: overview Control4 does a very good job communicating with its customers. Image credit: Control4 Control4 Home Control review: features Hundreds of hardware partners make it easy to customize a Control4 home control system to fit your needs, and only Crestron is compatible with more products. Image credit: Control4 Control4 Home Control review: performance This system is compatible with over two dozen security brands, and many of these brands are compatible with the best home security systems.

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Control4 Home Control review: verdict Control4 is one of the top home automation systems for residential use.A control system manages, commands, directs, or regulates the behavior of other devices or systems using control loops.

It can range from a single home heating controller using a thermostat controlling a domestic boiler to large Industrial control systems which are used for controlling processes or machines. For continuously modulated control, a feedback controller is used to automatically control a process or operation. The control system compares the value or status of the process variable PV being controlled with the desired value or setpoint SPand applies the difference as a control signal to bring the process variable output of the plant to the same value as the setpoint.

For sequential and combinational logicsoftware logicsuch as in a programmable logic controlleris used. There are two common classes of control action: open loop and closed loop. In an open-loop control system, the control action from the controller is independent of the process variable.

An example of this is a central heating boiler controlled only by a timer. The control action is the switching on or off of the boiler. The process variable is the building temperature. This controller operates the heating system for a constant time regardless of the temperature of the building. In a closed-loop control system, the control action from the controller is dependent on the desired and actual process variable.

In the case of the boiler analogy, this would utilise a thermostat to monitor the building temperature, and feed back a signal to ensure the controller output maintains the building temperature close to that set on the thermostat.

A closed loop controller has a feedback loop which ensures the controller exerts a control action to control a process variable at the same value as the setpoint. For this reason, closed-loop controllers are also called feedback controllers. In the case of linear feedback systems, a control loop including sensorscontrol algorithms, and actuators is arranged in an attempt to regulate a variable at a setpoint SP.

An everyday example is the cruise control on a road vehicle; where external influences such as hills would cause speed changes, and the driver has the ability to alter the desired set speed.

control4 system

The PID algorithm in the controller restores the actual speed to the desired speed in the optimum way, with minimal delay or overshootby controlling the power output of the vehicle's engine.

Control systems that include some sensing of the results they are trying to achieve are making use of feedback and can adapt to varying circumstances to some extent. Open-loop control systems do not make use of feedback, and run only in pre-arranged ways.

Logic control systems for industrial and commercial machinery were historically implemented by interconnected electrical relays and cam timers using ladder logic.

Today, most such systems are constructed with microcontrollers or more specialized programmable logic controllers PLCs. The notation of ladder logic is still in use as a programming method for PLCs. Logic controllers may respond to switches and sensors, and can cause the machinery to start and stop various operations through the use of actuators.

Logic controllers are used to sequence mechanical operations in many applications.

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